Double Mouth Guard Gag

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Midnight Blue says:
Midnight Blue's proudly offers you this Double Mouth Guard Gag. We created this beauty in our leather shop in 1999.

All of our hardware in hardened and chromed steel, our buckles are roller type, with locking capability, our leather is hand cut.

We call this a "comfort gag" because the mouth pieces can be carefully trimmed to fit and after inverting the gag and dipping it in hot water and put into the mouth (CAREFULLY) it will mold to the wearers mouth.  It is not restrictive in the sense that it doesn't HOLD your mouth open it stuffs your mouth because the mouth pieces close in on the tongue.

This item in NOT returnable if Modified.

We know this gag, because we designed it and we use it.

Gag measures 18" measured from buckle to last hole on tongue and 22 1/2" from buckle to first hole.

Straps can be custom sized if needed. Straps can be made longer or shorter with - sign.

Make this gag completely waterproof by adding PVC straps.

Available with Black leather, Red leather, Pink Patent, Purple Patent, Black PVC or Bungee Straps.

Lock NOT Included.

Hand Made in the USA!