BeGloss Perfect Shine Spray 100ml Easy Glide Spray 100ml Special Wash 250ml and Wipe

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beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE silicone oil - Latex care polish for rubber & latex clothing. Effective protection against wear and harmful influences 100% Dimethicone (odorless)

beGLOSS EASY GLIDE Latex dressing Aid for Rubber & Latex Clothing. Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane (odorless) without preservatives.

beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH LATEX - Special Wash Latex detergent - care cleaner for rubber & latex clothing. This cleanser cleans, maintains and protects Latex clothing and is odorless.

Double layer latex polishing cloth. Immediately produces a perfect high gloss that is not sticky or wet this polish cloth is reusable, and makes a for lint-free polished latex clothing. 22 x 22 cm. 22 cm = 8.6 inches