Product Loan/Rent

We typically do not loan garments for photo shoots. For us to consider any project where our garments are used free of charge, the following things should apply. We must see a tangible benefit for our company. (Pictures of your model in our styles is generally not a benefit to our company unless your model is well known; Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bianca Beauchamp, or you are shooting for a well known publication (Marquis, Skin Two, etc).) Link exchange is also not considered a tangible benefit to our company unless you are a well known publication as noted above. The person borrowing our items must have a credit card on file with us, and a deposit must be given to secure that our garments are returned undamaged. Generally twenty one day notice is required for items to be completed in time for your project. If your project doesn't fit in this category contact us about our Professional Discount and at our Owner or Manager discretion, you may be eligible for this discount. Contact .