Our Guide to Latex Grade

Tailored Latex

Tailored latex clothing is made from latex sheeting. The Latex Store uses 4D rubber for all of our tailored items. This latex sheeting is produced have a greater uniformity than molded latex in thickness and overall quality. The .02" (.4 mm) gauge is the standard thickness we use for latex clothing. Even though standard tailored latex is slightly thinner than the standard molded latex, "sheet latex" is usually more resistant to tearing than molded latex. The garment creation process is different, the stress points on the garment have glued seams, which means there are multiple layers of latex at each point. Tailored latex clothing is made like traditional clothing; patterns are used on latex sheets to cut the garment. But unlike regular clothing, the latex pieces are generally glued (sometimes sewn) together Tailored garments are just that, tailored to fit better. We control the size and fit of garment therefore you will receive a garment that fits "better".

The Latex Store uses 4D Rubber with most of our tailored products.









































Molded Latex

Molded latex clothing is made from shaped molds that are dipped into a liquid latex tank. The garment thickness is influenced by several factors like the amount of time the latex stays on the mold, the ambient temperature and humidity during fabrication. Therefore, the thickness variance is greater with molded latex than tailored latex. In can in fact vary from day to day. Therefore, in our molded latex garment description, the latex thickness given is an average since the thickness uniformity throughout the garment can vary. The standard thickness of molded is generally greater than that of tailored latex. The whole garment (mold) is dipped into the latex and is therefore a one-piece item with no seams, unlike tailored garments created from several pieces glued together. In general, one-piece molded garments are less anatomically adjusted to the body than their tailored counterparts. The making of molded latex clothing is less labor intensive and therefore is normally less expensive than tailored latex clothing. Toys, gloves and most fetish wear (i.e. briefs with anal plug) are generally made from molded latex

Premium Molded Latex

Premium molded latex is manufactured the same way Molded Latex is, however, premium latex products are produced in small batches, on more modern molds in a more precise climate controlled environment. The result is a smoother finish, and better fit.