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Tube Gag

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Product ID: MB1075
Tube Gag

Midnight Blue says:
Our Tube Gags come in two sizes -- 3/4 inch diameter and 1 inch diameter. Made of soft plastic tubing over leather. Perfect for those who want to use a gag but have TMJ or jaw problems. Black tube only; locking buckle.

Gag measures 21 1/2" to 22" measured from buckle to last hole on tongue and 17" to 18" from buckle to first hole.

Straps can be custom sized if needed. Straps can be made longer or shorter with - sign.

Available with Black leather, Red leather, Pink Patent, Purple Patent, Black PVC or Bungee Straps. Lock NOT included.

Our Price: USD $29.99
23.69 GBP 27.29 EUR

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