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Leggings Skinny 3D with Rear Zipper

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Product ID: MB-RGP3034
Leggings Skinny 3D with Rear Zipper

Great fitting sexy leggings have our flattering pouch that holds and shows off your bits. With a Rear Zip

Hand made from premium Radical Rubber latex sheeting with a thickness of about 0.020", 0.50mm
All latex/rubber items come unpolished. Image may show item after polishing.
Washing and shining is available for this listing. Read more Latex Shining

We stock most of these mens tailored items in size Small to Extra Large Black, however,
we are unable to stock every color, size or combination at all times.
Those we do not stock will be created as a Special Order for you when you place your order.
What if my item is a Special Order
Please allow 10 to 15 business days for production time.
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Our Price: USD $176.99
139.82 GBP 161.06 EUR

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